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Pressure Washing Specialists You Can Trust

So what does drain jetting entail? Our professional drain jetting service employs a high-powered pressure washer that jets out water straight into your drainage system. The pressure is sufficient to unclog your pipes whether it is blocked by fat, scales, kitchen refuse, or grease. During the operation, we recover the used water and recycle it for sustainability. We also filter the blockage material for safe disposal. You’ll be pleased to know that all the equipment is fitted into one van so that we don’t swarm your compound with lots of machinery.

High pressure jetting is the most eco-friendly way of unclogging pipes and preventing future blockage. Unlike others, we don’t use harsh chemicals to dissolve the tough material. Such chemicals often introduce toxins into the surrounding soil which is detrimental to the lives of organisms in the surrounding area. Besides our efforts towards sustainability and eco-friendliness, we prioritise our customers’ satisfaction. Our service delivery is tailored toward providing peace of mind to our clients throughout the process. This can be proven by our customers’ feedback on our testimonials page.
A Full Range of

Industrial Cleaning

Extreme Clean offer a complete and comprehensive range of specialist industrial cleaning services from full Factory Cleans through to high-level window cleaning.

Commercial Cleaning


We offer a full range of commercial cleaning services including deep cleaning, maintenance, high-level cleaning and hygiene cleans. For more information contact us today.

Drain Jetting

Do you have a problem with blockages, overflows or floods, we have invested heavily in advanced machines and training to offer a high-quality, full service to our clients.

Pressure Washing


Specialists in external pressure washing. We have invested heavily in equipment and vehicles over the past few years to create an unrivalled service in this sector.

Tenancy Cleaning

We offer reliable and quick end of tenancy cleaning service, specialising in end of tenancy cleaning for all tenants and Landlords all over the North West.

Builders Cleans

With our vast level of experience our team can comfortably reveal the beauty in your project by removing construction remains and leaving the property sparkling clean: